In 2015 the original theme design – Zodiac sheep USB

2015/02/07 at 10:15am
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Time, suddenly time like water, 2014 years later, we will usher in 2015, ji optimal electronic technology co., LTD in the theme will be introduced in the original design.
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Blessing of creative pleasant goat in the lovely zodiac sheep U disk, led a group of sheep as the theme of a series of small New Year gift: lid, coasters, mobile phone dustproof plug, bobbin winder, mobile digital hanging on the rope.
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GiGaPlus have unique understanding about “beauty”, the real good should be rooted in the dribs and drabs of life. “A bowl is beautiful, a cup is beauty, beauty to blend in life, all of these details are the pursuit of beauty, that is the real beauty in full”.
So GiGaPlus launched a creative this series combination.
The idea comes from Chinese traditional culture of the Chinese zodiac, for customers to create the prosperity of the new age. Not only quality assurance, the design is novel, but also can be used as a gift.