In 2015 the original theme design – Zodiac sheep USB

2015/02/07 at 10:15am
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Time, suddenly time like water, 2014 years later, we will usher in 2015, ji optimal electronic technology co., LTD in the theme will be introduced in the original design. & have spent Blessing of creative pleasant goat in the lovely zodiac sheep U disk, led a group of sheep as the theme of a series.. read more →

Gigaplus Original New Design – Chinese Zodiac Series Bookmark

2013/07/27 at 9:50am
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Gigaplus always never stops the development of funny Designs! And we not only just target our products on PVC and Silicone USB flash drives! The truth is, as a professional factory that have the top quality and services to design and produce PVC and silicone USB drives, we can develop more funny and functional items.. read more →

Must Have Catchy Skins for Iphone5

2013/01/05 at 6:03am
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Attention! Gigaplus is now offering a new catchy skin for your Iphone5. It is a must if your Iphone5 needs more protection and attraction. Coupled with 49 buttons of letters, mathematical symbols, punctuation marks, this appealing iPhone case with scrabble game is bound to bring you tremendous joy and help you avoid boredom. You know.. read more →

When It Comes The New Year

2012/12/24 at 1:55am
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Yes, it turns out your Mum was right… it really is the thought that counts, and the Gigaplus team is making it their mission to kick off the year with the creation of Snake for 2013. We understand people like different things. After all, that’s why you are encountering such a variety of creative gifts.. read more →

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012

2012/09/24 at 8:15am
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GigaPlus will be attending Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012, the big and international event for electronic products. This time GigaPlus will exhibit hundreds of own designs of public models and customized rubber/silicone USB drive works, while the new designs of this year—The Chinese Zodiac series will be showed for the first time. GigaPlus is greatly honored.. read more →


2011/11/26 at 10:29am
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In golden Oct 2011., a new member has joined Gigaplus USB family–the lovely doll series USB. The dolls are with various adorable casing, you can see dolls dressing in Christmas suit, Japanese kimono, airline stewardess and even policewoman. We also provide various designs and colors for headwear, hair, dress and even different facial express. Which.. read more →


2011/07/29 at 11:24am
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Gigaplus would like to launch a new USB Flash Drive-the Red Capsicum Case USB Flash Drive. Durable Solid PVC Rubber Casing with “Red Capsicum” Design, this USB FLASH DRIVE is perfect for custom logo imprint and is highly customizable. Designed to meet the needs of both retailing and promotional activity, this USB product has both high performance and.. read more →


2011/07/29 at 10:37am
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After releasing the Red Capsicum USB Flash Drive and Pet Pig USB Flash Drive, Gigaplus will launch the third new USB flash drive of this month-Dragon Casing USB. The Dragon Casing USB belongs to the Chinese Zodiac Series. Gigaplus has released several products of the Chinese Zodiac, including the Mouse, the Bull, the Tiger, the.. read more →


2011/01/29 at 2:42am
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GigaPlus Electronics, a leading manufacturer of flash-based storage solutions and business premiums, today released a new design of Products-the Snow/Surf Board USB FLASH DRIVE. Based on COB (Chip On Board) soluton, the Snow/surf Board USB Flash Drive is thin and with high performence. Designed to meet the needs of customers of all kinds, the new.. read more →