When It Comes The New Year

2012/12/24 at 1:55am
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Yes, it turns out your Mum was right… it really is the thought that counts, and the Gigaplus team is making it their mission to kick off the year with the creation of Snake for 2013.

We understand people like different things. After all, that’s why you are encountering such a variety of creative gifts every day in every corner. For a very long time, what scares us more than ghouls, goblins, and ghosts is creepy animal. But we are all so pressed for life, be it one reason or another; we are PEOPLE and we need a stimulus to refresh the suffocating life. Well, for the approaching New Year, Gigaplus comes to your rescue with an innovative gift in the form of Snake USB flash drive.

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  • Snakes! It is known to us all that snakes are associated with many different religions and customs. They could be symbolic of wily and dangerous antagonists sourcing from a tale about the Garden of Eden -The Fall of Man. They could be highly worshiped by Egyptian and Indians for sinister purpose of murdering an adversary and ritual suicide. They also could be a Lucky symbol of one of the 12 celestial animals of Chinese Zodiac in Chinese calendar.

    Embracing so many symbolisms from all over the world, snakes have dominated themselves as holiday gifts, memorial gifts, promotional gifts etc. Thereafter, the snake shape of USB flash drive is going to captivate the market with the interesting, adorable and symbolic image.

    Never say you spend $100 on a gift buying. Come on, you need to face it that stupid toys that are prized for a few weeks will then be forgotten. How about putting that money to better use? Just considering carrying a functional USB flash drive in cute animal shape, you won’t regret to pocket such a gift.